Air Canada

Flight Reservation & Management

Air Canada mobile app allows users to book, manage and retrieve information about Air Canada flights. It is also a place where to access all the Air Canada services.

The main goal was to improve and simplify the current mobile app experience and to show it in a more solid interface.

Who uses Air Canada app?

Meet Patricia Cheng

Patricia is a fashion designer in her mid 30s who lives in Hong Kong but her family is living in Vancouver, so she travels back and forth pretty frequently and she normally uses Air Canada, because she loves the service she receives in their flights.


Patricia has a flight to catch but she is been very busy with some new designs but she leaves to have enough time not to be in a rush.


She decides to take the train to the airport, when she arrives to the station, she realizes she forgot her passport at her office.


Her office is not too far but the time is getting tighter, so she jumps into a cab to go get her passport.


After recovering her passport she goes back to the train station, after a while the train comes in, she’s starting to get nervous about not being able to catch her flight. When in the train, Patricia goes to the Air Canada mobile app to check the status of her flight.


She checks in, the app informs her that she still have 32 min. left to check-in her luggage, shows what check-in counter she should drop it in and the map of the airport to access that counter.


Patricia sighs in relief as she realizes that she still has plenty of time, when the train arrives to the airport, she checks-in her luggage, then the Air Canada app sends her a notification with the map of her flight’s boarding gate, the time left until it starts boarding and the estimated time to get to the gate.


Patricia arrives to the gate and then after 10 min. she boards the plane, now is time for her to relax.

A Time for Change

It was really confusing that the app had two main sections, the first one will show access to Air Canada, other of the company’s services, the in-flight entertainment, messages and then settings.

Once tapping on the Air Canada link, the app will bring the user to the flights related section. As this is the main action, this should be displayed in the first screen instead, reallocating the options of the first screen to a secondary place. There was also too many options which made it very difficult to navigate, with no clear hierarchy.

Previous Flow

this continues with many, many options...

New Flow


Other airlines apps were studied to identify how they deal with some of the more common tasks like booking flights and establish industry best practices.





The two main actions: book flights and flights (already booked flights and flight search) are positioned as the two first menu tabs in the navigation bar. Less important actions were moved to inside of other settings.

A Simple New Design

The first screen when accessing the app, serves as a dashboard with useful information for the user. The visual identity started with the main red color that Air Canada uses, also images where added in various parts of the app.