Restaurant Discovery & Reservation

Eatsy is an easy way to find where to find restaurants and make reservations

The main goal was to develop a mobile app that in not so many steps allows users to find and reserve where to eat.

Who can benefit from using Eatsy?

Meet Brandon Williams

Brandon is a software engineer in his mid 40s. He has moved to San Francisco recently and he has some days before starting his new job. He is a foodie and likes finding new places to eat, today he wants to explore the city and find some good food.


Brandon starts walking around, he still doesn’t know what type of food he wants to try today.


He founds an interesting restaurant but when he is getting closer starts smelling the fried oil from the kitchen, he remembers that the doctor told him to watch his diet, so he continues his walk towards another place.


There’s another restaurant across the street, he opens the door to get inside, in that moment a cockroach escapes the place. He closes the door slowy and turns around, maybe another day.


Brandon finds a bench where to rest and then decides to check the app store to see if there’s any new interesting app. Eatsy looks like an interesting app, so he decides to download it.


Using Eatsy, Brandon finds a restaurant he would like to try a couple of blocks away, he decides to reserve a table.


Using the map from the app helps Brandon to find the place, his table is waiting for him.


He has a great lunch, it was long time since he ate this well.


In the first approach, the app was thought as a linear process, the users chose the different options until the reservation is complete.

First Version

This version let the users chose what type of food they wanted to eat and then find a restaurant that served that type of food. This version had a card navigation between options.

Second Version

Eliminating the wood background led to a cleaner design, this version scraps the card navigation and instead shows the different options in a list.

Instead of showing a photo of the place for the initial selection, a photo of one of the most popular dishes of the restaurant is displayed. Users can use the search to find the restaurant or food type they want to eat.