Hotel Rate

QA Inspection for Hotels

Hotel Rate is a company that is hired by the best hotels in the industry as a way to prepare themselves for the “5 diamond” inspection.

The main goal was to create a product that can be used to rate and solve any issues encountered in the hotel when preparing for the inspection.

Normally contracted about a month before the official inspection, Hotel Rate conducts a thorough analysis of everything wrong in the hotel, and then provide access to an interactive report online based on their results.

The site is presented on mobile version as the site provided from Hotel Rate can be a way for the hotel not only to see what are the issues at the hotel but also to fix them. That way, will be easier to have the information in a mobile device when going to each room to fix the issues.

Who will use Hotel Rate?

Meet Carlos Espinosa

Carlos is a General Manager at Hotel Royal. Carlos in his early 40s, has been assigned with the task of taking care of the inspection that will happen in the hotel.


Carlos is trying to figure out how to prepare for the inspection, normally they evaluate using some paper forms but those are difficult to share between the people who evaluate the issues and the ones that solve them.


He has heard good things about Hotel Rate and decides to try with them, in 48 hours a team will come and review all the issues that need to be solved in order to pass the inspection.


The team does the inspection and provides access to Carlos to the Hotel Rate app. Carlos assigns roles to his team, so they can as well log in and start fixing issues.


The team fixes the issues and keeps Carlos and the rest of the team easily updated.


The day comes and Hotel Royal passes the inspection.


Carlos gets promoted as everything is been a success!


Useful to Review and to Fix

In the following screens we can see the access for an administrator role, where the user can add issues and manage them. The role for the employees fixing the issues will not have the possibility to change issues and add them.

Issues can be seen by type of issue or by room, this allows for an easier way to find a specific issue. A color code was added depending on the issue, this can be seen as well in the issue page, where the severity of the issue is determined.
When adding a location in the room where the issue is located, the user will have the option to add an image, for helping find and fix the issue.