Nixplay App

Digital Frames Management

Nixplay mobile app will allow users to send pictures to a Nixplay digital frame, to friends and manage their frame.

The main goal was to create a mobile solution that would allow users to manage their content and settings.

Who will use Nixplay mobile app?

Meet Esperanza Coupart

Esperanza is a Marketing manager in her early 30s. She has a daughter: Carrie. She wants to send pictures to her parents who live in a 3 hours drive but as they aren’t very tech-savvy, she didn’t find a good solution to share it with them.


Esperanza has so many pictures of her daughter in her phone but she didn’t find an easy way to send to her parents as they don’t use social media or chat apps.


She also has tried sending printing them in a local shop and sending them by mail, but it’s expensive and it requires time.


While buying something in an online shop, she sees a Nixplay digital frame as a recommended item.


Looks like this is a product that will solve her issue: she could have it in her parents house and then send pictures to it using a mobile app, so she decides to buy it.


Once it arrives home, she sets it up and gives to her parents next time she visits them.


She start sending pictures of Carrie using the Nixplay mobile app, it’s easy and fast.


Finally Esperanza found an easy way to share Carrie growing up with her parents.


On the first approaches, a wizard asking what type of user and a home with the main actions and big icons were explored. Also the uploader of photos had a "continue in background" implemented later on.

First Version

As Nixplay is all about photography, a strong usage of images was needed, starting from the onboarding screens. The friends section was of more importance in the first version.

Second Version
Menu Styles & Dashboard

Different menu styles for the main actions where explored for the second version. The main options determined for this version were Upload Photos, Manage Photos and Manage Frames.

Also the dashboard provides important notifications for the user like received images and friend requests.

BG Moods

For this second version the usage of a background image was expanded with multiple backgrounds for the dashboard that change depending on the year season and user’s country (country is determined in the settings not by geolocation).

For example a Japanese user will have a cherry blossom background in the blossom season. That also will send notifications to the user like: “Is cherry blossom season! Start sending photos to your frames.”

Empty States

Empty states can be very boring, that’s why each of them features an animal and then some funny phrase. This was done to make the app feel less serious.

A remote to rule them all

An important feature of the app, is the ability to control frames and manage the settings, this can be done from anywhere in the world. Also the playlists playing in the frame can be managed from here, enabling/disabling them and editing it’s content.